Shadaria Allison


Shadaria Allison is a 5-time International best-selling author, speaker, wordsmith, and consultant. Her portfolio reflects a millennial entrepreneur of epic proportions; stewarding a myriad of professional and creative vernaculars; ranging from beauty, modeling, and PR-consulting; to social media management, freelance writing services, music, and content design.


Affectionately known as “Dr. Allison The Beauty Practitioner”™,  Shadaria merges seamless creativity, with a huge heart for people; a trait she refuses to compromise. Shadaria Allison has over 16 years in the industry with a solid reputation for amazing results. She has served hundreds of commercial, celebrity, and business clients, with a signature that sets her apart from other curators. Whether it is beauty, branding, or business, Dr. Allison the Beauty Practitioner is guaranteed to deliver results so pristine, the world will know you have been to the Doctor.