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Dr. Dee Bowden



Dr. Dee Bowden is the Revenue Recovery Specialist, she has worked in industries like IT, Software and Telecom and recovers money for small and medium size companies that have outstanding invoices and no plan to Collect the Cash. At some point companies write off Accounts Receivables and keep moving forward. There are companies that are owed so much money, that they have given up on ever getting it back. To date, she has recovered $13.5 Million over the past 10 years. Dr. Bowden believes that before you decide to write it off, be sure you have done everything to collect the OWED money.


 She teaches business owners how to stop leaving money on the table by learning 3 Keys:

  1. Problem Solving

  2. Customer Service

  3. Gratitude

Dr. Bowden's article “How This Cash Collector Turns Outdated Accounts Into Cash Quickly” was featured in Forbes Magazine highlighting that she teach SMEs how to reconcile, resolve and recover old and owed invoices to improve their cash flow.

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