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AnnLamar Johnson

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AnnLamar Johnson is a rising star in the faith-based publishing world. She has written a powerful and inspiring 31-day devotional called Faith Walk, designed to help encourage Christian women to break down the barriers between discovering the purpose behind their pain and unleashing their full potential. Faith Walk is a collection of personal testimonies, biblical insights, and practical tips that will encourage you to use faith, even the size of a mustard seed, as your fuel to help you discover the purpose behind your pain and unleash your full potential to live the life you desire and beyond.

Being educated about health and wellness, AnnLamar prides herself on being conscious about what goes in her body and what goes on it. AQUICKI, her mother-daughter-owned natural skincare line, is centered around providing high-quality and effective natural skin care products for all skin types that help not only enhance beautification but provide various therapeutic benefits to break down the barriers of vanity and unleash their full potential to live the life they desire and beyond.

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