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LaShana West is a Millionaire Mindset Coach and Business Therapist who has been serving in the mental health field for 20+ years. LaShana spent the early years of her career working directly with individuals with developmental disabilities. This is where she learned the importance of having true compassion and engaging in servant leadership. She then went on to gain a wealth of experience with program restructuring, training, developing professionals, quality assurance, and mastering an evidence-based behavior modification teaching model for children and families. All of these learning opportunities have positioned her to serve and step into a new direction by helping others in the creative and entrepreneurial field. With a mental health background coupled with business acumen, LaShana is the best of both worlds - mindset and mental health PLUS business strategy! LaShana is able to help the "whole person.” LaShana enjoys spending her time serving clients to success and helping those who are in corporate move to coaching so they can have more time, gain more money, and increase their peace of mind.

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