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Dr. Nikki Blacksmith


As an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, Dr. Nikki Blacksmith has worked across industries, helping organizations attract and select high-quality employees, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Her research and consulting focuses on understanding the way personality and cognitive ability predict decision-making and job performance in startups and other organizations.

She has published over 60 different conference papers, book chapters, and journal articles. Her scientific research has been published in top-tier publications including the Journal of Business and Psychology, Personality and Individual Differences, Journal of Personality Assessment, and Intelligence. Her research has also been featured in many media outlets including New York Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, and Bustle.

Dr. Blacksmith is currently a research fellow at the Army Research Institute for Behavioral and Social Sciences and an adjunct faculty member at American University in Washington, DC.


Twitter: Blackhawke_io


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