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Stephanie v. Harvey


When it comes to Interior Design, General Contracting, Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Designer, and Motivational Speaker, Stephanie V. Harvey, professionally known as Stephanie V has been described as nothing less than a dynamic drama queen.


She transforms homes from ordinary to extraordinary with a passion for all things plush, her celebrity-studded clientele from Dallas, Texas to the Caribbean knows where to go for the glam.

90% of the homes and mansions I embellished ended in divorce within five years of completion. I turned Lofts into Living Spaces, Mansions into Master Pieces but the mortar and the stone could not support happy homes.


2003 was a very difficult time and turning point in her life quotes Stephanie V, but it was a part of her journey. Had she  not followed the winding road, she never would’ve been in position for my spiritual rebirth and purpose for life in “NEW BEGINNINGS BY DESIGN”, assisting in redesigning, reconstructing, or embellishing lives for people who need to newly discover or rediscover their purpose.

“New BEGINNINGS BY DESIGN” helps people to find their personal purpose and teach them the tools to redesign, rebuild and remodel their lives with the principles I used to re-design, remodel and reconstruct your homes.

This is the first time ever a General Contractor has transitioned the principles of construction and remodeling used to build your exterior home as a architectural life blueprint within the scope of your internal space so you can find Balance, Peace and Success.

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