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Shanna Scott- Headshot.png

Dr. Shanna M Scott is an Events Strategist and owns the award winning firm Shanna Scott

PR & Events. Shanna is highly trained, resourceful, competent and a major strength in the

events industry with over 20 years of training and experience producing high quality and

profitable events. Her experience and passion include designing events and developing

programs through her signature systems to achieve objectives and financially lucrative

results. Dr. Shanna has led and been part of teams that have made over $2M in sales and

that number is rapidly increasing.

As an Event Strategist and Certified Event ProducerTM, Dr. Shanna leads high performance

coaches, speakers, authors and experts to profits of 6 -7 figures in a single virtual or live

event by managing, strategizing or teaching all mechanics and logistics involved with the

event. She also provides services such as training and support in closing clients’ sales

(enrolling); reducing client attrition by providing assistance in designing curricula and

programs (fulfillment); as well as ensuring seamless enrollment and evaluation up to 2

weeks post event.

Dr. Shanna has a set of 24 year old twin daughters, Jada and Jazmyn.





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