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Ebonie M. mukasa

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Ebonie Mukasa is a vibrant, catalytic agent whose unique gift is invigorating individuals, moving them from where they are to a place of faith, hope, and love in action, and positioning themselves to be a solution. Her life experiences in both the marketplace and ministry offer a fresh perspective that compels those around her to pursue their purposes with passion. Her journey has spanned a wide array of industries. From food manufacturing, employee safety, and health to socially conscious fashion and social entrepreneurship, business consulting, private transportation, marketing, ministry, and more, Ebonie’s heart is to help women thrive! A “Journeyist” at heart, she guides women across the chasm of doubt, empowering them to say “Yes” to being need-attentive and solution-driven.

Always one to live by what she teaches, throughout her life, Ebonie has consistently said “Yes” to being a part of the solution. Through her boutique consultancy, WEBNIE Creative Solution founded in 2011, has helped non-profits, private schools, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and ministries bring their ideas to life. In 2013, she launched OUCHGirl | OWNYOURCURLYHAIR brand and blog, to encourage women to love their natural selves at every stage of life. In 2015, Ebonie and her husband Samuel founded Experience Church International with the mission to connect the hearts of people around the world to the heart of God. In 2019, she launched OUCHGreyGirl, a division of OUCHGirl, LLC., to encourage and inspire women who have embarked on their grey hair journey Working with brands like CurlMix and Donna's Recipe by Tabitha Brown, her micro-influencer platform inspires women to "own their natural".

Instagram:@ouchgreygirl , @‌WEAREOUCHGIRL and @‌WebnieCo

Instagram: @eboniemukasa, @OUCHGreyGirl, @WEAREOUCHGIRL and @WebnieCo
LinkedIn: Ebonie M. Mukasa

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