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About Linda Husser

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Best selling author, speaker and lifestyle coach Linda Husser is a midlife motivator and cheerleader for  amazing Black women over 50 who are ready to reinvent themselves and regret-proof their lives. Using her motto “Let age refine you, and never define you!” She encourages her clients to live a bold and audacious life. 


She is on a mission to change the game of aging and founded Bodacious Black Woman, a self- development and lifestyle brand for the mature woman of substance and style.Through The Bodacious Life Academy, her digital products, results-based coaching programs and events support women seeking to  daringly take control of their lives and snatch their power back!  


Linda spent over 30 years as a master stylist and salon owner. As a result of being a “bootleg therapist,” she decided to become a certified life coach. Linda was born in Queens, New York, but spent her formative years in Delaware and California. She is a veteran of the United States Air Force and her first duty station was England for two years. She traveled to France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, Amsterdam, and Scotland. Experiencing Europe as a young Black woman gave her fresh possibilities for her life and she returned to the United States recharged and ready to take on the world. While she doesn’t have any children, she is a loving aunt to three nephews and five nieces. Her interests include acting, gardening, and jazz festivals, and she considers herself the thrift store queen. She enjoys Toastmasters, working with at-risk youth and transitioning into a plant based lifestyle.


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