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About Tamika "Michelle" Johnson


On paper, like so many other successful, educated, accomplished, beautiful professional women that she knew, she thought that she was a great catch. But she was failing terribly in the love and relationship department and gave up hope that she would ever have any more children at this age or older, and even doubted if she would ever get married. 


Despite earning 6 figures, at that point, Michelle was unhappy and almost settled for a less than mediocre relationship thinking that everyone has issues and at least she knew her ex's habits, issues, and challenges. That thinking was all wrong though and she knew that she desired and deserved more! So, Michelle had to make one of the hardest yet necessary decisions in her life to cut ties one last time with her former partner, this time for good.


Then, she completed an amazing and life-altering TRANSFORMATION! 

That transformation completely changed how Michelle approached dating and relationships, learning how to attract and date quality men to choose from for a long-term, healthy relationship. Within 1 year of fully transforming, Michelle married a great guy at 41 years old and subsequently had 2 more healthy children at 41 and 43 years old.

Additionally, throughout her life, Michelle has always been fascinated with understanding the dynamics of relationships, why some worked, why some others didn’t. Specifically, Michelle studied why highly successful women had such a hard time finding suitable partners, oftentimes ending up in situationships or with toxic men.


With “30 Years in the Dating Game” dissecting relationships and becoming certified as a matchmaker, Michelle founded “Platinum Connections,” an exclusive dating and matchmaking service, which hosts Dating Workshops and Singles Events. She also Coaches highly successful women who are “Bosses by Day, But Single by Night” to transform their dating approach to attract quality partners for healthy, long-term relationships. 

It is possible to have it all, you just need the knowledge, information & platinum connection to get you there!


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