About Natasha ickes-saman

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Born and raised in Oakland, CA Natasha learned the importance of resilience at a young age. As a teen she struggled with homelessness, addiction and a suicide attempt. By her early 20’s she was determined to turn her life around. With faith, hard work and a radical shift in mindset she created the life of her dreams. She opened Shear Passion Hair Salon at 25 years old, which is still successfully running today. She continued to conquer life, one fun challenge at a time, while helping other women do the same. Natasha is a 2x bestselling author, Certified Coach, NLP Practitioner and founder of Manifesting Miracles. Whether providing free haircuts in homeless shelters or creating amazing results through her coaching- Natasha’s mission is to help women step into the next version of themselves. She’s been published in over 20 publications including MunaLuchi Magazine, the LA Tribune, Hudson Weekly and CosmoLife. In 2019 she received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition. She believes above all else, everyone deserves to live a life they are wildly obsessed with.