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Our founder, Angie CJ Sims, moved to Acworth, GA from Northern New Jersey where she worked as an executive in NYC for 15 years and realized that she'd left all of her Girlfriends. She imagined that every woman who moved to a new community had the same issue.

Here's the thing. She didn’t believe it was possible to meet new Girlfriends, and always said, "You can't get new old friends." A few weeks after moving she attended her 1st business networking event and met a wonderful southern lady who said, "Welcome to GA, why don't you come to my meeting next week and I'll pay your way!" "Pay my way," Angie thought, "Where do they grow these people at?" None the less she attended the meeting at the Marietta Country Club where this lady took her around the room and personally introduced her to her business girlfriends. Susan was her 1st Georgia Girlfriend and since then lots of women have helped her to find her way.

So how did this lead her to create a League of Girlfriends......

She literally went to her office one day in September of 2016 to build a website, and a few hours later looked up and said to herself, "League of Girlfriends?, Whatever God," and hit the publish button. Thus was birthed the League of Girlfriends. Within a month the website had been visited more than 3,000 times and Angie received calls from women all over the country telling her that they needed girlfriends too.

Today we are over 500 members strong and growing! The beauty of the League of Girlfriends is that we are women first. The commonality that we share as women supersedes our differences and because we are committed to one another as Girlfriends we naturally support one another in life and in business. We are STRONGER TOGETHER!


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