About solita roberts


Solita Roberts is the creator of Style To Impact, an image consulting platform where she teaches Growth-Focus Female Leaders & Entrepreneurs how to look the part by wearing authentic, impactful outfits to increase their confidence, influence, and income.

Solita believes that if more women show up in a confident and purpose-driven way,  dreaming bigger, raising our voices for what matters, and becoming leaders in the companies we work for and the communities we serve, we will change the status quo. If not for ourselves but for our daughter; if they can see themselves in us, they can dream without limits.


 It’s a fact that we need more women to step up, take on leadership roles, change the way the world sees us, and in most cases, how we see ourselves. Solita is deeply passionate about transforming women’s confidence through their wardrobes.


 It’s what she calls Women Empowerment Through Style.


Solita started Style To Impact to help women create the life and success they desire by developing a personal style that showcases who they are, communicates their values, and aligns with the IMPACT they’re destined to make.


Before launching her business, Solita worked in the banking and finance industry for over 15 years, holding certificates in Risk Analysis and Management, Credit Analysis and Lending, and Wealth Management from the University of the West Indies.